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The Week in UAS News (12/17/15)

This week’s news includes reactions to the FAA’s registration rules, along with other recent developments in UAV regulations and usage around the globe.

• The FAA’s newly announced drone registration rules trigger analyses from multiple outlets, including Fox News, NPR, the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

• The Los Angeles Times’ editorial board urges authorities to catch up and get ahead on drone regulations. (Los Angeles Times)

• Virginia Tech expands UAS testing. (Virginia Tech News)

• Could new drone registration fees cause a crash in sales? (Jonathan Vanian, Fortune)

• New technology is making drones more affordable. (Taryn Luna, The Boston Globe)

• Japan prepares to ground hobbyist drones in urban areas. (Tomoko Otake, The Japan Times)

• DJI Japan is set to train 10,000 pilots over the next three years. (Mariko Tai, Nikkei Asian Review)

• Albany will hold a public hearing on drone use in the county. (