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This week’s news includes drones fighting fires and illegal dumping; new fines for drone usage; new patents by Amazon; and other recent developments in UAV regulations and usage around the globe.

  • Drone pilots acknowledge the need for legislation for UAS flights. (Tamara Chuang, The Denver Post)

  • An sUAS operator is granted a nighttime UAS waiver for inspection and mapping. (The American Surveyor)

  • UAV maker DJI proposes new max weight for lowest-risk category of drone. (International Mining)

  • For the first time, New York City firefighters employ a drone to monitor a dangerous fire. (Bart Jansen, USA Today)

  • North Carolina legislators introduce bill to make it illegal to fly a drone too near a prison. (AP)

  • Community groups in Ireland will use drones to fight illegal dumping. (Ciarán D’Arcy, The Irish Times)