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Countdown Begins! FAA’s New sUAS Rules Become Effective on August 29, 2016

Today, the FAA’s new rules regarding the commercial operation of small UAS (sUAS), which will be codified as 14 C.F.R. Part 107, were published in the Federal Register.  The new rules will become effective on August 29, 2016.

Commercial operators that want to take advantage of the new rules, but do not currently have a Section 333 exemption will have to wait until August 29th to begin operations.  Operators can start preparing for operations under Part 107 by getting any first-time pilots prepared to take the aeronautical knowledge test required for remote pilot certification.  More information about the pilot certification process may be found on the FAA’s website.  Entities that hold a Section 333 Exemption can continue to operate under their exemption, even after the new rules become effective.

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